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Assessment of Program Learning Outcomes


The assessment of program learning outcomes is a valuable practice that enables faculty to plan and implement program improvements and facilitate student learning.

The assessment of program learning outcomes is also an important aspect of our accreditation. UC San Diego is accredited by the regional accreditor "WASC Senior College and University Commission" (WSCUC). To learn more about the university's accreditation, visit

Reflection Report

Reflection Report
Submit report as soon as possible
Submit Report to: Hailey Caraballo @ 
Link to Reflection Report Form


The reflection report guides departments to reflect on their assessment process and to discuss successes, challenges, and barriers of their assessment efforts in the past five years. Please use the link in this section to complete your reflection report.

Review and Revision of Program Learning Outcomes

Review and Revision of Program Learning Outcomes
Submit assessment plan as soon as possible
Submit Assessment Plan to: Hailey Caraballo @ 
Link to Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan Template


The goal of this step is to review and revise your program’s learning outcomes to create an assessment plan to guide your assessment implementation. Use the assessment results of the past five years and other relevant program information and data (e.g., changes in program enrollment, new requirements by your discipline-based association, current workforce skill requirements, or new program missions) to improve your program learning outcomes, align (where applicable) your program outcomes to WASC Core Competencies, determine the timeline, and identify responsible people. Please use the link in this section to complete this step.

Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map
Submit Curriculum Map as soon as possible
Submit Curriculum Map to: Hailey Caraballo @ 
Link to Curriculum Map Template


A Curriculum Map is a matrix that shows the connections between courses and program learning outcomes. It demonstrates curricular coherence, identifies redundancies and/or gaps in outcome coverage, and illustrates where in the curriculum a program learning outcome is introduced, reinforced, and advanced. It serves as a powerful assessment planning tool, and provides evidence for alignment between curriculum and program learning outcomes. Please use the link above to complete your reflection report.

Implementation and Reporting

Implementation and Reporting
Submit Report by: November 5, 2019
Submit Report to: Hailey Caraballo @ 
Link to Report Planning Template


Departments are encouraged to begin implementing their assessment plan and collect data on at least ONE program learning outcome. Assessment reports (see the attached template) will be collected by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education by November 5, 2019. Departments are encouraged to use assessment resources and services provided by the Teaching + Learning Commons.

Assessment Resources and Consultation Services

  • The Education Research and Assessment Hub at the Commons is available to consult with individual instructors regarding their course assessment. The Hub is also available to collaborate with departments and academic programs on conducting program assessment. Please click the link below to see the various topics the Hub can provide expertise and recommendations on.
  • To download the complete file of program assessment guidelines, please click the link below. This guide will give an overview of the suggested timeline to plan and implement the expected assessment milestones (1-4 listed above) from now to fall 2019.
The Teaching and Learning Commons PLO Assessment Support Webpage: 

Funding Support

Assessment Grant Application Information

Announcement: Grants for Program Learning Outcomes Assessment
Assessment Grant Application Form
Please submit form and corresponding documents to Hailey Caraballo @ 

Faculty can request up to $10,000 for one academic year to support the implementation of an Assessment Plan. Faculty are strongly encouraged to work with the Teaching + Learning Commons to develop their assessment plan. Prior to applying for funding, programs should submit the assessment reflection and curriculum map. 

Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Awards will be announced within 30 days from receipt of request.