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Assessment and Review Processes

Learning Outcomes & Core Competencies

To learn more about how each program, department and college is measuring effectiveness, check out our Inventory of Educational Effectiveness Indicators.

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Undergraduate Program Reviews

The Academic Senate conducts periodic reviews on all undergraduate and graduate academic programs. This continuous analysis of academic programs and student learning is implemented to ensure educational quality throughout the campus.

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Assessment of Program Learning Outcomes

The assessment of program learning outcomes is a valuable practice that enables faculty to plan and implement program improvements and facilitate student learning.

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Administrative Review of New Academic Programs and Remote Courses

Please review the administrative process, which is supported by formalized planning and routing procedures for new academic programs and courses.

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UC San Diego Education Initiative

The Education Initiative was formally launched in Fall 2012 as a complement to UC San Diego’s research initiatives to explore and leverage global thinking about educational strategies. The Education Initiative was incorporated into UC San Diego’s Strategic Plan.

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