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The annual Dean of Undergraduate Education’s Undergraduate Academic Advising Awards at UC San Diego are designed to encourage Academic Advisors to showcase their work, celebrate each other, and recognize the creativity and student-centered innovation that emanates from our academic advising community. Honorees will be announced each year at the Undergraduate Academic Advising Council (UAAC) meeting in May.

The campus faculty and staff were invited to nominate a colleague, a team, or themselves, for the first annual DUE Undergraduate Academic Advising Awards. These awards were put in place to celebrate and increase the visibility of the diverse academic advising dedication and talent across our community members. 

Congratulations to this year's 2023-2024 Academic Advising Awardees!

  • Advising JEDI Champion and Student Advocate Award Winner
    • Mónica Rodriquez de Cabaza  (Ethnic Studies)
  • Innovation in Advising Award Winner
    • Amber Knight (CSE)
  • Staff Leadership and Mentorship Award Winner
    • Laura Majoch (Biology)
    • Cathy Baez (Muir)
  • Keystone of Advising Award Winner
    • Dina Rodgers (Public Health)
    • Gloria Aquino (ERC)
  • Excellence in Advising Competencies Award Winner
    • Hannah McCurdy (Sixth)
  • Community Partnership Award Winner
    • Ruby Victoria (Revelle)

Award Descriptions

Student Advocate Award: recognizes an exceptional advisor who has consistently demonstrated a relentless commitment to enhancing the student experience. This prestigious accolade is bestowed upon an individual who has gone above and beyond in advocating for students' needs, well-being, and overall success. Through their unwavering dedication, creativity, and compassion, they have made a lasting impact on the lives of students, enriching their academic journey and personal development. 

Innovation in Advising Award: celebrates an advisor who has demonstrated exceptional creativity, ingenuity, and forward-thinking in their approach to advising students. This prestigious accolade recognizes their ability to develop and implement innovative strategies, programs, or initiatives that enhance the advising experience and contribute significantly to student success and development.

Staff Leadership and Mentorship Award: recognition bestowed upon an outstanding staff member who has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and an unwavering commitment to mentor and support their colleagues. This prestigious award celebrates an individual who goes above and beyond their regular duties, inspiring and empowering others to reach their full potential while fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.

Keystone of Advising Award: recognition honoring an exceptional advisor who consistently displays excellent advising, acting as an unsung hero for students and the academic community. This person truly loves their advising role and has made a long-term commitment to advising; they are the steady cornerstone that holds together their unit’s advising. This award acknowledges their invaluable contributions and the significant impact they make on the lives of those they advise. Must have advised at UC San Diego for a minimum of 5 years to be eligible. 

Excellence in Advising Competencies Award: recognizes an advisor who consistently demonstrates a high level of expertise and proficiency in various advising competencies, enriching the academic experience and fostering student success. NACADA Core Competencies are based on three major areas: 

  • “The Conceptual component provides the context for the delivery of academic advising.  It covers the ideas and theories that advisors must understand to effectively advise their students.
  • The Informational component provides the substance of academic advising.  It covers the knowledge advisors must gain to be able to guide the students at their institution.
  • The Relational component provides the skills that enable academic advisors to convey the concepts and information from the other two components to their advisees.” (NACADA, 2017)

Community Partnership Award: recognition that celebrates an individual or advising team that has demonstrated exceptional collaboration, cooperation, and commitment to building strong partnerships with the academic community. This award acknowledges the honoree's outstanding efforts to foster meaningful connections, work collectively, and create a positive impact on the community they serve.

Advising JEDI Champion Award: celebrates an advisor or advising team that has demonstrated exemplary commitment and leadership in promoting justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion within the advising community and among the students they serve. This prestigious award recognizes their tireless efforts to create an inclusive advising environment, where all students feel valued, supported, and empowered to thrive.


Eligibility: Eligible staff are professional advisors whose primary role at the institution is the direct delivery of advising services to undergraduate students, including:

  • College advising staff: SSA1’s - SAA4’s
  • Department/Program advising staff: SAA1’s - SAA4’s
  • Must report through EVC (Academic Affairs)

Not eligible if they have received the same award within the past 3 years.

Must have passed their probationary period of employment. Must have earned at least “S” Satisfactory rating on the most recent performance appraisal.

Submission & Questions

Submission: Nominations can be submitted by anyone (colleagues, supervisors, self, students). The nomination form has a word limit. No other nomination materials will be solicited or accepted.

For questions, please contact