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Undergraduate Academic Advising Council Committees

Agenda Committee

In coordination with the DUE, the Agenda Committee is responsible for the planning and development of agenda items for UAAC monthly meetings and for the electronic distribution of meeting agendas. The committee meets regularly as needed throughout the academic year.


2023-24 Members
Erica Kirk Eighth College Chair
Genna Pace Economics
Eleanor (Elly) Vogt Study Abroad
Robert Lopez History

Committee on Committees

The Committee on Committees is responsible for the annual call of UAAC committee assignments, which typically occurs in the Spring.  It is the responsibility of the Committee on Committees to ensure that every UAAC Committee has as broad a representation from diverse units.  The committee also solicits nominations to appoint UAAC members to existing campus committees, and maintains the uaac-l listserv and website member listing.


2023-24 Members
Kristi MacKenzie Psychology Chair
Tracy Cruz Warren College
John Cavoulas Warren College
Kristin Guzman Seventh College

Training and Professional Development Committee

In coordination with the DUE, the Training and Professional Development committee is responsible for researching, evaluating, and advertising currently available training and professional development opportunities to UAAC members, as well as recommending and assisting in the development of future training initiatives. The committee meets regularly throughout the academic year and may include ex officio members as needed. 


2023-24 Members
Veronica Abreu Revelle College Co-Chair
Mony Chau Structural Engineering Co-Chair
Alyssa Patricio Muir College
Hale Daigle Chemistry
Christina Durbin Rady Business
Kelly Simmons Math

Electronic Information Committee

The purpose of the AAEIC is to:

  • Provide a forum for consultation and dissemination of campus technology initiatives impacting Academic Advising at UC San Diego.
  • Assist and facilitate in bringing the technology needs of the Academic Advising Community to technology and administrative leaders.
  • Act as a resource and communication hub for Academic Advisors with regards to technology and engage with the advising community to determine training and professional development needs as related to technology.
  • Act as a resource for technology project implementations specific to the UC San Diego Advising community.


2023-24 Members
Elisa Crossman Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health Chair
Alisha Harris Study Abroad
Janean Kromka Revelle College
Rashma Saini Chemistry
Camille Sta Elena Biological Sciences
Vanessa de Boer Seventh College
Toni Moore Physics
Jonathan Whitman ITS- Business Technology Services

Advising Handbook Subcommittee

The UAAC Advising Handbook Subcommittee is responsible for updating and maintaining the Academic Advising Handbook for all College and Department/Program advisors on Confluence as well as suggesting best practices across units regarding College and Department/Program procedures. The committee is required to communicate with both T&PD and EIC at least once a year regarding any updates (training or electronic) that need to be made to the Advising Handbook.

2023-24 Members
Isabella Ibarra Biological Sciences
Kelly Guerriero Sixth College
Alex Vargas Revelle College Humanities Program
Ruby Victoria Revelle College
Katherine Zamora Visual Arts