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Review Guidelines & Reporting

Undergraduate Council (UGC) is responsible for conducting periodic reviews of all undergraduate academic programs. This includes standalone undergraduate reviews and the undergraduate portion of combined reviews. The Dean of Undergraduate Education (DUE) facilitates the review process. The primary components of the review are a program self-study and a one-two day site visit conducted by a review committee. Note that UGC has endorsed the concept of tailoring the undergraduate program review processes to the nature of the various programs and activities. Reviews of smaller, non-degree granting programs and minors are therefore more limited than reviews of department and program majors and do not require the formation of an ad hoc review committee.


Full guidelines are provided below for Undergraduate Program Reviews and Combined Program Reviews. For questions regarding the program review process, please contact Hailey Caraballo (

Program Review Self-Study Guidelines

Undergraduate Program Review Guidelines


Combined Program Review Guidelines


The most recent Undergraduate Council responses to the review committee reports for each program review are noted below.  Explore each section to find department, college and program reports.