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Program Reviews

Program reviews are a requirement for all colleges, departments, and programs. Currently, the Academic Senate initiates undergraduate reviews, graduate reviews, and combined reviews. Combined reviews are currently in a pilot phase, but involve a simultaneous review of both the undergraduate and graduate programs in the department. 


What is a program review? As part of the continuing, critical analyses of academic programs and student learning at UC San Diego, the Academic Senate performs scheduled program reviews to ensure superior educational quality throughout the campus. 


Why are program reviews a requirement? Periodic program reviews support our efforts to be a student-centered university. The reviews align with our accrediting agency’s standards


How should units prepare for program review? In program review, units will concentrate on the following:

  • Commitment to improvement based on data and evidence
  • Ongoing inquiry into teaching and learning to improve and address opportunity gaps
  • Involvement in regular assessmentprogram-review-cycle3.png
  • Reflection and planning 
  • Anticipate and respond to a changing environment 


When are reviews scheduled? Program reviews are a requirement for all colleges, departments and programs. Program review is initiated about every 7-8 years and consists of data collection, a self-study, and a site visit. A review committee will examine the self-study, engage with various members of the campus community (e.g., program leadership, program and college advisors, program faculty, teaching assistants, students, etc.), and submit a report on the review.


Then what: Following the site visit, the review committee submits a written report that is reviewed by the academic unit, the cognizant Dean, other leadership (as applicable), and the Undergraduate Council (UGC). Each unit prepares a response to the report. Once the Undergraduate Council submits their report to the program, a few things happen:

  1. The Division of Undergraduate Education will schedule a wrap-up meeting with the unit, the cognizant dean, the EVC and others to discuss the report, responses, and UGC’s recommendations.
  2. About a year after receiving the UGC response, the unit will perform follow-up activities and prepare a follow-up response.
  3. UGC will review the follow-up response and make further conclusions and recommendations.
  4. The unit will start preparing for the next program review.