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The Teaching and Mentoring Portfolio

UC San Diego’s holistic teaching evaluation asks instructors to provide a statement and portfolio addressing their teaching and mentoring during the past review period. These materials will be included as part of the review file.

The teaching statement is the foundation for the portfolio. It is meant to be short, but it provides the roadmap for your portfolio and highlights the essential artifacts. 

Teaching and Mentoring Statement Instructions

The purpose of the statement is for faculty to both reflect and comment on their teaching accomplishments and challenges. The 2-5 page narrative (which can be separate or included as part of the personal statement) should:

  • Explain the faculty member’s teaching and mentoring goals to campus reviewers;
  • Explain how the faculty member’s teaching and mentoring responsibilities during the review period relate to departmental expectations;
  • Provide evidence to demonstrate the faculty member’s commitment to teaching and mentoring excellence, including attention to closing equity gaps among students from diverse groups;
  • Critically examine teaching and mentoring practices and opportunities for improvement, including commenting on any concerns on pedagogy raised by student evaluations.

Teaching and Mentoring Portfolio Instructions

The teaching and mentoring portfolio complements the teaching and mentoring statement by providing the supporting evidence for the faculty’s teaching and mentoring efforts and effectiveness and highlighting progress toward implementing teaching/mentoring goals. The contents of the portfolio should include:

  • Syllabi for all courses taught in the review period;
    • This set should include a syllabus for each unique course taught. If the same course was taught multiple times during the review period, only one syllabus is needed, unless the syllabus changed substantially between offerings. 
    • Syllabi for independent study or research mentoring courses are not required, but discussion and reflection on mentoring should be included in the teaching and mentoring statement.
    • Faculty should refer to Senate policy on syllabi:
  • Student evaluations for all courses taught in the review period;
  • Materials supporting any mentoring effort during the review period, such as mentorship contracts, or individual development plan (IDP) templates, if available;
  • Departmental form listing all teaching and mentoring activities in the review period;
  • Any additional evidence of teaching and/or mentoring effectiveness that the faculty member wishes to include. Refer to the resources below for more guidance.

The Timeline- putting it all together

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Portfolio Resources

The Holistic Teaching Oversight Committee has put together a few resources to help you put together your file:

Faculty can also reach out to the Teaching + Learning Commons for support on putting together a portfolio or look at this useful workbook on documenting and reflecting on teaching (from T+LC).

Additional Resources for Portfolio Construction

Documenting Teaching Effectiveness

You can use this workbook/toolkit for ideas when putting together your teaching portfolio.

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Supplemental Resources

You can use this guide as an example of how to structure your teaching and mentoring statement.

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