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Need support or guidance on where to go or who to turn to? Email us- we are here to assist!

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Funding Resources

  • The Course Development and Instructional Improvement Program (CDIIP) provides funding to support faculty projects that enhance undergraduate instruction and to encourage faculty experimenting with new instructional technologies including (but not exclusively) the creation of digital resources such as open/free textbooks, online labs, flipped courses, or adaptations that make courses more accessible, more experiential, or improve student success.
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The assessment grant initiative is a component of the EVC's Collective Impact approach to closing opportunity gaps. Funding awards support programs that submit a compelling proposal for using learning outcomes assessment to advance equity.

Data & Research Resources

If you are interested in receiving data for your program, please reach out to Hailey Caraballo ( Note that data training is required for anyone who wants access to data dashboards. The Division of Undergraduate Education is currently coordinating the data training schedule. 

  Types of Data   How to Access

 Disaggregated data on graduation rates,   retention rates, and time to degree

 Available from Institutional Research dashboards

 Course pass rates and persistence in     the program

 Provided by the Division of Undergraduate   Education

 Ad hoc analysis request

 Available through the Division of Undergraduate   Education, based on assessment plans


Department of Institutional Research:

Office of Research Affairs:

New Courses- Guidance

New Programs- Guidance

If you are creating a new program, please review the procedures for the Administrative Review of New Academic Programs.

Advising Resources

Academic Advising Checklist:

Academic Misconduct:

Academic Policies and Procedures:

Advising Resources:

Advisor Lists:

Organization of Department & Program Advisors: 

Special Enrollment: 

Student Success Coaching Program:

Summer Graduate Teaching Scholars Program:

TritonLink Forms: 

Undergraduate Academic Advising Council:

What Can You Do For Accessibility: 

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